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Creative that is relevant enough to engage people – not just audiences

Data driven advances in audience targeting and automation over the past few years have not yet fulfilled their promise for advertisers. The missing ingredient in the recipe has been the advertising message itself. Savvy advertisers and their agencies understand this and are poised to join a new creative renaissance that challenges the status quo, by leveraging data to dynamically tailor creative messaging that resonates with actual individuals rather than just audiences.

Flashtalking’s innovative products breathe new life into display and video advertising: a dynamic ad platform that is screen and platform agnostic, making it easy to run programmatic creative and dynamic video at scale across desktop, mobile and connected TV.

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The Flashtalking Difference

Powerful HTML5 Tools

Bring your story to life

Ad Builder & Creative Manager

Programmatic creative, or DCO, is personalised and relevant creative, automated by logic and powered by data.

Service & Expertise

We've got you covered

Ready for the Tough Stuff

Receive dedicated creative and technical support including; AS2, AS3, HTML5, hard core coder and timeline developer support.

Pro or Novice

Designed to work for everyone

Powerful & Easy

Flashtalking build tools cater to a wide range of skill sets and levels. Everything from an easy-to-use ad building tool to an open API for sophisticated custom creative.

Flexible Frameworks

Speed to market

No Restrictive Templates

Flashtalking’s wide range of innovative rich media and video ad frameworks empower designers to engage consumers with exciting and entertaining ads.

Flashtalking HTML5 API

Creative professionals like to colour outside the lines and the Flashtalking creative API gives them the power to do so, using whatever design environment they feel most comfortable in.

The Flashtalking creative process gives ad designers the freedom to work outside the constraints of templates with a code-based API for developers who prefer to create ads in code.

Creative Manager

  • Save time at the critical point of creative delivery with fast and efficient creative file management.
  • Coordinate sophisticated data driven creative strategies across desktop, mobile and tablet.
  • Share creative work for swift sign off and test your ads instantly to ensure campaign deadlines are met.


Dynamic Creative & Video

  • Deliver a relevant visual experience to every audience in any format across desktop, mobile and connected TV.
  • Create, store, manage and review multiple creative versions across every screen from a centralised location.
  • Run programmatic creative campaigns at scale by creating hundreds/thousands of creative versions from a single ad.
  • Traffic once and update at any time, with no re-trafficking or on-going production costs and changes that go live within minutes.
  • Allow users to engage interactively with your video ads to drive engagement, retention and promote brand affinity.

Power Feeds

  • Create personalised ads at scale throughout the customer journey, from consideration through to purchase.
  • Make activating your ecommerce data a fast and simple process by integrating client systems: product catalogues, inventory and pricing.
  • Streamline the creation of powerful display advertising to drive ecommerce success.
  • Target users and audience segments based on what’s trending, product interest and relevance.

Design & Build Tools

  • Bring creative ideas to life quickly and easily using design and build tools that seamlessly fit into your workflow.
  • Create and deliver a consistent and engaging creative experience across desktop, mobile, and video.
  • Freedom to work without constraints with a code-based API for developers or the Ad Builder design tool.