Robust dynamic ad platform

Deliver fresh, engaging creative on every impression.

With over five years experience running dynamic ads we understand the importance of campaign performance and making every impression count. Which is why we make it simple to create, target and deliver ads that directly relate to unique users. No more generic ads and wasted impressions – keep consumers engaged with ads relevant to their online profile and behaviour.


Flashtalking dynamic ads offer a whole host of solutions so whether you want to schedule ad versions based around events, react to competitor activity, test and refine offers, localise multi-language campaigns, or save on production costs and traffic time – Flashtalking can help you do it all without editing your Flash or HTML5 files.

Real time updates

Update ads in the way that suits your business.

Flashtalking’s dynamic ad interface gives you full control of the process and makes management of dynamic ad content easy.


Edit any element of a campaign or creative in real time with just a few clicks. No Flash, HTML5, XML or technical knowledge is required to change and optimise ad content – the interface allows anyone to update, preview, and schedule changes without the need for technical specialists or the long lead times of other dynamic ad solutions.


Consistent dynamic ads across all platforms.

The Flashtalking platform supports both Flash and HTML5 dynamic ads, allowing dynamic versions to appear across PC & Macs, mobile phones and tablets. If using HTML5 advertisers can either run all ads as HTML5 or seamlessly combine both Flash and HTML5 dynamic creative – updates and new version creation across both technologies via one simple intuitive process.


Uniquely Flashtalking report on click, post click and post view conversions on mobile and tablets by each dynamic ad version. With Flashtalking’s First Party ad serving solution advertisers can exploit the power of retargeting, product level retargeting, and personalised recommendation ads on mobile and tablet.

Multi-variant testing and DCO

Create & optimise unlimited ad combinations.

Imagine being able to quickly create and update hundreds, even thousands of ad variations and being able to test and optimise against each variable within your ad. Any standard, rich, video or HTML5 ad served by Flashtalking can be dynamic.


Any and every element of your ad can be a variable – text, images, video, call to action button, destination URL, data feed, etc. Each variable can be quickly updated, previewed and published in our easy to use CMS, via a spreadsheet upload, or direct from a feed.


Feed based dynamic ads

Live & automated content delivered direct into your ads.

Feed based ads can take many forms – a travel brand showing latest holiday and flight deals, a newspaper ad may feature the top news stories of the day, a movie release can include live & moderated tweets from the premier, a car manufacturer may stream a launch show livecast direct into their ads, a retailer can change the clothes featured in ad based on the weather in different locations or use their product catalogue to automate ad updates.

Flashtalking provides a simple solution for a wide variety of feed  ads, creative and technical support, and tailored solutions for moderated twitter and livecasts.



Personalised feed & recommendations

Dynamic personalised ads using an algorithmic learning engine.

With Flashtalking online retailers can retarget users and make personalised product recommendation ads at the most relevant and intelligent level. The Flashtalking algorithmic learning engine measures all users behaviour on an e-commerce site and builds personalised recommendations similar to Amazon.  If a site visitor looks at one product and offer but goes on to buy a different product, the engine measures this and builds relational “recommendations” for each product. As more users visit the site the learning engine measures what they view, what they add to cart, and what they buy – this allows advertisers to feature personalised recommendations in the ads they run.  Thousands of personalised ad versions featuring different recommendations can be automatically created within a single ad file. Importantly, with Flashtalking these ‘catalogue’ style ads can be designed properly to maintain brand consistency and only shown to users a number of times specified by the advertiser, agency and marketing strategy.

Market Localisation

Cost effective production for ads in multiple languages.

The perfect solution for ad ‘toolkits’ favoured by major brands – design and build one set of master assets in Flash or HTML5, upload to Flashtalking and produce ads for all your language and local market requirements in minutes. Localisation takes place within the easy to use Flashtalking dynamic ad interface – automatically tailored to each advertiser’s individual requirements. Ads can be produced via a single centralised login or separate logins to allow localisation by native speakers in each given market. Save time and money whilst maintaining brand consistency.

Intelligent decision making

Increase ad performance – combine dynamic content with advanced message targeting.

Make your dynamic ads work harder by plugging in one or a combination of simple to set up algorithmic ad serving rules. Flashtalking’s intuitive decision engine makes it easy to create and deliver sophisticated marketing strategies – a campaign can include a single rule, or any combination of rules, including rotation, sequencing, time of day, ISP, browser, geo targeting, client site category and product level retargeting, contextual keyword targeting, optimisation & multi-variant testing. New rules and third party data sources are continually added to the decision making engine.

Dynamic ad version reporting

Drill down to each individual creative.

With dynamic content ads each version has its own unique data and all version reporting appears within our standard reports interface, is available via API or export to Excel. Simply drill down to the level needed – even view what an individual ad version looks like directly within the reports interface. Each dynamic ad variant, each individual ad version and each group of versions can be individually or collectively reported on. As with all Flashtalking reports, you can compare any combination of metrics and you can swap between data grid format and graphic view in one click.