Ads with intelligence

Ad serving, simplified.

Create. Target. Deliver. Report.

Intelligent ad serving combines simple to use and cost efficient creative build tools, advanced rule-based ad delivery and measuring, a global platform, and best in class reporting, analytics, and data visualisation tools. All delivered by a team of dedicated, passionate, and experienced professionals.
Intelligent adserving allows you to plan, build and deliver eye-popping rich media ads, sophisticated contextual & retargeting campaigns based on user behaviour, run dynamic content to optimize & refresh your ads, measure search results alongside display campaigns, prepare detailed reports and data analytics in seconds, integrate with third party analytics and targeting solutions, and provide unique insights into your online ad campaigns.

The easiest campaign set up

Quick, simple and cost efficient.

The heart of Flashtalking’s ad server is the simplest to use, but most advanced Campaign Management tool in today’s market.  Available for both self serve and full service campaign set up and traffic, the Campaign Manager features numerous time saving and cost efficiency solutions built in as standard – from a single page traffic set up through to auto-retraffic of large ongoing campaigns. Whether you are setting up a few rich media placements, a mobile campaign, or creating a highly targeted re-messaging campaign, the Campaign Management interface allows you to do so quickly and easily.

Rule based targeting

The Decision Tree

The Decision Tree

Direct marketing strategy delivered online.

An intuitive drag ‘n drop decision tree allows users to quickly create advanced layers of ad decsion making without any need for coding within the ad server. Users can build sophisticated direct marketing strategies based on multiple ad serving rules and provide their clients with an interactive preview of  a campaign set up. 


A single, no fuss solution for site tagging.

A single container tag implemented once to the clients website or CMS, Flashtalking’s oneTag automatically propagates to every page within a domain.  Advertiser web teams implement the oneTag once, then all further affiliate, display, retargeting, and conversion measuring is managed through the simple to use oneTag manager.
So whether you were looking to measure response to display or affilate activity, de-dupe conversions, set up retargeting activity, count and record natural search visitors, the Flashtalking oneTag provides a single, simple platform.

one-Tag: The single tag solution

oneTag - Single tagging solution

Search & Affiliates

Conversion measuring

De-dupe and report across display, affiliate, search & natural search.

Flashtalking’s end to end measuring solution provides detailed insights and analytics for every channel of your campaign.  Whether you want to understand the impact of audience targeting, measure shopping cart value or items, de-dupe between affiliate, search, natural search or display activity, it’s never been easier to analyze the path to conversion.

In a world of multiple devices Flashtalking provides full conversion measuring on mobile, tablet and desktop activity – including click and view conversion data on iPad and iPhone.

Search & Facebook

Single tag measuring solution.

Gone are the days of creating thousands of measuring pixels in your ad server to upload and attach to your keywords in Search and Facebook campaigns.

Flashtalking provides an elegant solution where a single measuring tag is implemented per advertiser, all Search or Facebook activity is then measureed, de-duped and reported at conversion level across all future campaign activity.  Most importantly this solution ensures there is excellent data fidelity and no discrepancy between Flashtalking and your preferred Search or Facebook solution.

The single measuring tag works with leading Bid Management Platforms such as Kenshoo & Marin, and directly with search engines Google and Bing for  advertisers not using bid management specialists.

Search & Facebook

First Party Data

First party ad serving

Protect your data. Retarget on mobile & tablets. Provide greater consumer confidence.

First Party ad serving can change the relationship between advertiser and consumer – major brands are starting to move to this now.  Though First Party ad serving may sound complex, in reality it is simple to implement (when you work with an ad server that has been specifically built to support it – Flashtalking!) and very cost effective. The benefits are far reaching: protecting an advertisers data from leakage; enabling re-messaging and product level retargeting on mobiles and tablets; use of 1st party website data to target ads; synchronization of a brand’s cookie policy across website and ads; through to avoiding cookie opt outs from unrelated advertisers who happen to use the same ad server as your brand.


Device targeting

Ad delivery to desktop, tablet, mobile & connected TV.

Recognizing consumers’ insatiable appetite for online media across multiple platforms and devices, Flashtalking’s intelligent ad server is the first to provide a cascading delivery solution whereby different creative formats (Flash or HTML5) can be automatically targeted to desktop, tablet, mobile, connected TVs and games consoles.

Stop wasting valuable ad impressions on tablets and mobiles that cannot run Flash ads – now you can target the right format to the right device and ensure the optimum message is always delivered.

Cross Browser Targeting

Device Targeting

HTML5 Ads & Mobile Ad Serving

Standard, dynamic, rich media & video ads.

Flashtalking’s platforms are designed to allow quick build, traffic, and delivery for standard, dynamic, rich media and video ads across mobile and tablet specific campaigns.  Simple to use creative tools to build HTML5 ads, are supported by device and browser targeting. And delivery reports include handset make and model, operating system and click and post view conversion data.

Powerful ad targeting

Layer and combine rules for advanced targeting.

Retargeting & Prospect Audience Targeting

Our advanced rule based ad server makes it simple to deliver powerful ads to both existing and new audiences. A single media buy can combine retargeting, contextual targeting and third party data prospecting. 

Cross-sell, Up-sell, and Optimize

Flashtalking provide a more intelligent approach to targeting ads – if the viewer has recently bought a product a cross-sell or up-sell message can be delivered. If you are running multiple ad creatives these can be manually or auto-optimized based on clickthrough, acquistion, interaction or even video play rate.

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Multivariant Testing

Contextual Targeting

Deliver different ad messaging according to relevance of page content. Flashtalking keyword targeting allows you to target via groups of keywords, think search terms, and by automatically delivering the right ad content appropriate to each keyword or keyword group.

Multi Variant and A/B Testing

Flashtalking’s dynamic ads make it simple to create and test 100s even 1000s of ad versions. Your master creative can be as flexible as you choose, meaning you can test everything from your video content, to your CTA button. Ads can then be maintained via a spreadsheet, our CMS or data feed, making it really easy to keep your ads fresh, while gathering creative learnings on the fly.

Geo Location & Proximity

Geo-proximity targeting allows you to promote the nearest store, dealer, or location to any given user based on their specific location. Whilst geo-targeting tailors ad delivery to IP address, city, state, and even zipcode.

Day of Week & Time of Day Targeting

Tailor your ads according to the day of the week or deliver a different message dependent on the time of the day. Flashtalking dynamic ads make it easy to build multiple creative versions, which can then be scheduled for a specific time of day and/or day of the week.

Geo Targeting

Weather Feed Ad

Weather rule with dynamic ads

Develop ad versions that deliver a message according to the current localized weather. Meaning that whatever the weather outside your ad will reflect a message that is relevant and powerful.

Sequencing & Frequency cap

The unique Flashtalking decision tree allows you to combine any mix of advanced rules with sequencing of ads across different publishers and ad formats, frequency capping, and ad rotation. You can “story board” your ad messaging across sites and avoid the problem of “stalking users” with repeated retargeting of the same ad.