Flash Apocalypse

Educational Series

Your guide to HTML5 and the new digital landscape.

Flashtalking has created a series of educational sessions built for creative developers by creative developers about how to use our tools to efficiently, seamlessly, and quickly create advertising for any browser.
These sessions will give you an insider’s perspective on tips, tricks, and best practices. Learn what works, what doesn’t work and what questions to ask before you even get started.

Clients who have attended in the past have saved hours of time, headache and worry by learning our best-in-business methods to create impactful HTML5 advertising campaigns.

Ad Builder

Creating HTML5 Ads in one simple build.

Ad Builder allows anyone to design, build and publish ads in HTML5. Featuring timeline animation, drag and drop components and a suite of engaging templates it’s never been simpler to create and deliver a consistent creative experience across desktop, tablet and mobile.


one-Tag: The single tag solution

Cross platform ad serving

Engage, measure, & target audiences across all platforms.

Flashtalking delivers a consistent cross-platform advertising and user experience across desktop/laptop, mobile and tablet. This means an acquisition or brand campaign containing standard, dynamic or rich and video creative can run across all forms of display advertising from one ad server with one central point of consistent data and reporting.
Due to the still evolving nature of mobile and tablet media buying and ad serving, together with the fact users are increasingly using multiple devices to browse the web, Flashtalking provides full support for both major mobile ad serving scenarios: (i) mobile and tablet as part of a traditional display buy; and (ii) mobile and tablet as a specific buy.


Mobile & tablet buys

Target devices, handsets, manufactures & browsers.

Where a media owner is a mobile ad network or a named site with separate mobile and/or tablet inventory, Flashtalking provides specific publisher & placement tags, allowing agencies to serve mobile as a unique campaign or as a subset of a wider display campaign.

To ensure consistent reporting and ease of mobile campaign implementation, Flashtalking runs a detailed certification programme for mobile networks and publishers. Due to the fast growth and fragmented nature of the mobile market, the list of mobile networks and sites certified by Flashtalking constantly evolves – please contact us for the latest information.
All mobile campaigns benefit from Device Reporting – allowing you to understand which handsets, manufacturers and browsers your mobile ads are being served to. Mobile specific ads can include standard, dynamic, rich media and video ad content.

HTML5 Video & Rich Media

Create, deliver & report at a level never seen before.

Flashtalking’s platforms are designed to allow quick production, traffic, and delivery for standard, dynamic, rich media and video ads across mobile and tablet campaigns.  Simple to use creative tools and support to build HTML5 ads including use of native video players, interactive ads, microsite ads, dynamic and feed based ads. Different versions of ads can be targeted to different devices, handsets, manufactures & browsers – allowing to fine tune your messaging at a granular level before imagined.  Delivery reports include handset make and model, operating system, and most importantly click and post view conversion data across all mobile and tablet devices.

Dynamic Ads

Real time updates for HTML5.

Our industry leading dynamic ad platform ‘Instant Ads’ offers simultaneous updates of ads across all platforms, regardless of technology.  HTML5 content can be updated in real time across all devices including desktop, laptop, mobile and tablet campaigns.

Retargeting on Mobile & Tablet

Intelligent remessaging with HTML5 ads.

Flashtalking’s cross-platform dynamic ads combined with Flashtalking’s First Party ad serving allows advanced retargeting and product catalogue feed ads to run on smartphones and tablets. An example would be where a user visits a cellphone network website on a tablet and looks at smartphones; they would then be retargeted with a HTML5 ad featuring the top three smartphones when they browse other sites on their tablet.


Alternatively, using the Flashtalking Learning Engine a user who views a product page featuring a specific handset can be retargeted with an HTML5 ad featuring the same product or similar product recommendations based on learning’s from previous shoppers who purchased similar products.

Mobile & Tablet reporting

Including click, post-click & post-view conversion measuring.

The Flashtalking reports suite provides a detailed breakdown of ad performance and delivery to desktop, tablet and mobile devices by publisher – providing the insight you need to understand how and where people are viewing your ads.  Included in all traditional web buy and mobile specific buys are reports on device type, browser and operating system, right down to individual manufacturers and models.


A key feature is our conversion measuring based off click, post-click, and post-view conversion across mobile and tablet – including iPhone and iPad. This allows full attribution modelling and insight on true level of conversions on mobile and tablet.  This is achieved without exposing any personally identifiable information in the process and fully respects Flashtalking’s opt out controls, if a user opts out of Flashtalking Cookies they opt out of all measuring, including, but not limited to HTML5 measuring.

App measuring

Mobile & tablet app download measuring.

Flashtalking take a dual approach to app measuring. You can measure an app download as an independent action and provide a count of total app downloads. Alternatively, you can measure app downloads as a conversion attributed to media, post view and post click – methodology on the latter varies depending on the mobile operating system currently supported is iOS (Apple) and Android (Google).