Desktop, tablet, mobile

Rich media & video cross platform delivery.

In an ever evolving market Flashtalking is the first ad server to deliver a consistent cross-platform advertising and user experience across desktop/laptop, mobile and tablet in both Flash and HTML5.

Whether you are looking to deliver dynamic, rich media or video ads, our simple creative tool sets combined with robust technology will help you deliver the same engaging creative and across all platforms.

A comprehensive set of ready-to-use HTML5 ad templates and simple to use Flash AS2 & AS3 components is provided to creative agencies that allow complete design flexibility and eye-popping creative functionality.  Flashtalking support for Creative teams in the build and production process is second to none – personal help is just a phone call away.

Brand campaigns with impact

Achieve real stand-out and unlimited creativity.

Flashtalking’s wide range of innovative rich media and video ad formats allow brands to engage consumers with exciting and entertaining ads. From page takeovers to expanding ads and interactive in-stream video, these ads have the wow factor and provide the canvas that lets creative ideas bring digital marketing to life. Make use of existing digital assets – TV ads, YouTube videos, twitter feeds, social media, microsite content and competitions – or create compelling bespoke ad units that push the boundaries of online advertising. It’s simple too – choose from ready-to-use templates in both Flash and HTML5, or work with our creative services team and tech studio to craft your award winning ad.

Superior video quality

Optimize your video, encode in minutes.

Flashtalking delivers great quality video experiences across all devices. The automatic Flashtalking video encoder delivers Flash display video, Preroll, HD and HTML5 video in a matter of minutes.  What’s more we can optimize your video files (often by 30% less than many of our competitors) while still delivering the same high quality resolution, delivering engaging ads and improving campaign performance.

In-stream video & rich media

Explore the creative possibilities of in-stream video.

Flashtalking make it easy to deliver and independently measure pre, mid and post-roll video ads through any IAB VAST enabled publisher, including YouTube, Videology and other video networks. Flashtalking’s rich media for In-Stream ads creates an exciting, new set of innovative opportunities for interactive video ads. Using Flashtalking’s standard components you can include any rich media functionality, or even create a homepage take over experience, alongside your pre, mid, & postroll video. You can run interactive or expandable tickers within the publishers video player, create microsites that take over the video player, or create video hotspots. Dynamic in-stream ads allow you to target different messages to different audience groups – using Flashtalking standard dynamic ad tools you can combine your traditional display buy with advanced and highly targeted VOD messaging.

Creative Build & Support

Creative Build

Flashtalking’s simple rich media tools simplify the entire creative process. With easy to use drag and drop components and a selection of ready to go templates you can build engaging ads without ever needing to write code ( but of course you can if you want to!)

Test & Preview 

When you are ready to share your work, you can quickly self QA and test your ad through a live ad server template.  You can create and brand your own client approval preview pages in minutes.

Personal support always on hand

If you have a question, having trouble with your ad, or simply want Flashtalking to give one final QA before trafficking to publishers – personal support (without a ticketing queue) is always on hand.

Ad Formats & Functionality


Multi-panel expand video ad
Takeover with YouTube
Click ad to reveal video
Fullscreen video takeover
Responsive wallpaper
Auto-resizing ad content
Product showcase ad
Interactive Pre-roll
Microsite In-Stream ad
Tablet Rich Media
Tap to fullscreen Galleria
Independently measured In-Stream TV
Entire website in an ad
Page Morph
Live screengrab of site within ad
Magnetic Canvas
Interactive large expand
Floor Ad
Expand ad runs full width of page
Pushes site away for more ad space
User initiated large screen video
Pushes site down for more ad space
Performance video
User initiated video

Moderated Twitter
Carousel of YouTube videos
Weather Feed ad
Tweet from ad
Geo Proximity Targeting
Product Search in ad
Print from ad
User Generated Content
Face Recognition (click on Jetzt)
Panoramic ‘3D’ ad
Vote in ad
Zip / postcode map search – try W1T 2RJ
Data capture
Contextual ads
Data Feed Ad
Sync animation and video