Increases campaign performance and ROI

Match the message to the audience – every time.

It’s simple really, with billions of people searching the web each day, if you ensure your ads are tailored to the most relevant and responsive audience then campaign performance increases.


Flashtalking targeting makes it simple to deliver the most effective ads to each appropriate audience – to re-message users according to their previous behaviour on a client’s website, to reach prospect audiences through third party audience data, and to contextually target the ad dependent on the page your ad appears on.

Third Party Data

Connect with your prospect audience groups.

Flashtalking’s advanced targeting and dynamic ad capabilities are fully integrated with industry standard third party data sources providing you with a greater opportunity to target different messages to targeted prospect audiences.


For example you can combine Audience Science, Experian on-site and off-site audience data, even YouTube audience segmentation, with Flashtalking dynamic ads to deliver effective contextual advertising across an entire media buy, whether through Real Time Bidding, a Demand Side Platform, or a traditional named-site inventory.

Contextual Targeting

Relevant Ads on relevant pages.

With Flashtalking contextual targeting the page URL a user is on is analysed for keywords, phrases or specific alphanumeric information (e.g. three digit airport codes). When a match is found the most relevant ad content is automatically delivered. For instance, if a user is looking at smartphone reviews Flashtalking targeting can match ‘Samsung’ or ‘S3’ or ‘Android’ to ensure the ad contains a relevant Samsung phone. If a match is made for ‘Apple’ and ‘iPhone’ the ad can alternatively feature latest iPhone offers – or offers for other Apple products and accessories. Negative keywords can also be assigned to the keyword groups, to protect your brand image and company identity.


Using contextual targeting HP partnered with the Delish site, targeting over 850 web pages. The page content was then displayed in the ads in real time as the viewer read the recipe.


Convert audiences with accurate, real time messaging.

Flashtalking consumer re-messaging technology allows intelligent consumer group retargeting in real time either through a DSP, agency trading desk, traditional retargeting media buy or via natural retargeting. Whilst the most popular use of retargeting is delivering ad content tailored to previous client site visits and behaviour, Flashtalking can re-message based on a wide range of criteria, marketing objectives and business logic / requirements.

Cross sell and upsell

Understanding transactional history can improve ad messaging and performance. For example, if a traveller has recently bought a Business Class ticket but is not a member of the airlines Frequent Flyer programme, then the next ad seen could encourage the user to join the Frequent Flyer programme rather than feature fares which may no longer be as relevant.

Ad Exposure & Interaction Targeting

Sequencing messages based on previous ad exposure or interaction has never been easier – Flashtalking can sequence across ad formats and publishers. So if for example a music ad invites a user to select the type of music they are interested in, the next sequence of ads could lead with the chosen genre of music.

Search term targeting

Working with publisher’s search functionality, or by tagging search word groups, Flashtalking can deliver alternate ad content based on the search made.  For example, if a visitor to a car site searches for a particular model and enters their zip/post code, the ad served can feature the chosen car model and details of the local dealer.  Alternatively, if a finance client cannot implement onsite retargeting tags, search click through tagging enables retargeting based on search preferences.

Product level retargeting

Re-message users who have visited your website.

Online retailers or advertisers with CMS based website can use a single Flashtalking oneTag to retarget users at an individual product level. This single tag measures user behaviour on a clients website down to individual product pages then re-targets that user with an appropriate ad. Thousands of different ad versions are automatically created within a single ad file – design can be entirely flexible to suit brand and advertiser requirements.

The Learning Engine

Behavioral targeting & Personalised recommendations.

The Flashtalking Learning Engine measures users behaviour on a client e-commerce website and builds personalised recommendations similar to Amazon.  If a site visitor looks at one product and product offering, but goes on to buy a different product the engine measures this and builds “recommendations” for each product within the CMS.

As more users visit the site the learning engine measures what they view, what they add to cart, and what they buy – this allows advertisers to feature personalised recommendations in the ads they run.  Thousands of personalised ad versions featuring different recommendations can be automatically created within a single ad file.

Targeting to tablet and mobile

Target devices, handsets, manufactures & browsers.

Flashtalking’s targeting works across all standard, rich media, video, pre-roll, dynamic content and HTML5 ads so whether you want to increase brand awareness or drive product sales you can deliver impactful creative on every impression regardless of the device the user is on.


Uniquely Flashtalking’s First Party ad serving solution, combined with HTML5 dynamic ads, enables re-messaging, product level retargeting, and personalised recommendation ads across iPads and iPhones.


Device and browser targeting also allows highly personalised messages reflecting the environment the user is viewing our ad on – so if your ad appears on a tablet you can reference tablets in the ad, if it appears on a smartphone messaging can be tailored appropriately.

Powerful ad targeting platform

Layer and combine rules for advanced targeting.

Retargeting & Prospect Audience Targeting

Our advanced rule based ad server makes it simple to deliver powerful ads to both existing and new audiences. A single media buy can combine retargeting, contextual targeting and third party data prospecting. 

Cross-sell, Up-sell, and Optimise

Flashtalking provide a more intelligent approach for targeting ads – if the viewer has recently bought a product a cross-sell or up-sell message can be delivered. If you are running multiple ad creatives these can be manually or auto-optimised based on click through, acquisition , interaction or video play rate.


Contextual Targeting

Deliver different ad messaging according to relevant web pages. Flashtalking Keyword targeting allows you to target via groups of keywords, think search terms, and by automatically delivering the right content appropriate to each keyword or keyword group.

Multi Variant and A/B Testing

Flashtalking’s dynamic ads make it simple to create and test 100s even 1000s of ad versions. Your master creative can be as flexible as you choose, meaning you can test everything from your video content, to your CTA button. Ads can then be maintained via a spreadsheet our CMS or data feed, making it really easy to keep your ads fresh, while gathering creative learnings on the fly.

Geo Location & Proximity

Geo-proximity targeting allows you to promote the nearest store, dealer, or location to any given user based on their specific location. Whilst geo-targeting tailors ad delivery to IP address, city, state, and even zipcode.

Day of Week & Time of Day Targeting

Tailor your ads according to the day of the week or deliver a different message dependent on the time of the day. Flashtalking dynamic ads make it easy to build multiple creative versions, which can then be scheduled for a specific time of day and/or day of the week.

Weather rule with dynamic ads

Develop ad versions that deliver a message according to the current localised weather. Meaning that whatever the weather outside your ad will reflect a message that is relevant and powerful.

Sequencing & Frequency cap

The unique Flashtalking decision tree allows you to combine any mix of advanced rules with sequencing of ads across different publishers and ad formats, frequency capping, and ad rotation. You can “story board” your ad messaging across sites and avoid the problem of “stalking users” by repeatedly retargeting individuals with the same ad.