Virgin Media Privacy Policy and your Ad Choices

Making advertising relevant to your interests

Virgin Media uses Flashtalking technology for the serving of ads across its digital properties, including but not limited to We will ensure that our usage of the Flashtalking service is in compliance with all applicable privacy laws, rules and regulations.


Flashtalking is an online ad server delivering ads to websites across the world and the web for well known brand names and advertisers. You can find out more about Flashtalking services by visiting


Many advertisers work with Flashtalking to deliver advertisements that are relevant to your interests or behaviour online such as visiting a particular advertisers website and products. Our technology allows brands to create ads that are hopefully of interest and value to you as you browse the web.


Flashtalking and the advertisers we work with are fully committed to preserving the privacy of internet users who see advertisements delivered by Flashtalking. Never during an ad campaign does Flashtalking, nor does Flashtalking acting on behalf of Virgin Media, collect any personally identifying information about the internet user other than required when placing an order for a Virgin Media service on the Virgin Media or Virgin Mobile websites.


Advertising Cookies

To enable Flashtalking to deliver advertising effectively and to limit the number of times an internet user may see an ad, we employ cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on the users computer and can be accessed by Flashtalking software to determine what advertising has been delivered to the user already. Cookies are a very common device for measuring information on internet usage.


At no point is any personal information of any nature whatsoever collected or solicited unless you sign up for a Virgin Media service and then the only information collected is that relevant and required for your Virgin Media order to be processed. Unless you place an order with Virgin Media, neither Flashtalking or Virgin Media know who you are. We do not know your name. We do not know where you live, where you work, your gender, your age, your email address or any other personally identifiable information about you. When an order is made Flashtalking does not use the information collected other than to report to Virgin Media that an order has been placed, the data is never used for any other purpose nor is it supplied to any other third party. We do not collect any information from the publisher website on which you may have seen our ads. We do store an anonymous IP address number and use it to work out what geographic area ads are shown in. We do know that the Internet Browser you are using may have visited one of our advertiser or partner websites recently, and we may recognise which products you were interested in on that site. If you visit a website of one of the advertisers we work with we will also know whether you have seen the advertiser’s online adverts.
If the use of cookies is unacceptable, users can turn them off via facilities in their browsers or you can opt out of Flashtalking Cookies.


Please be aware that opting out of Cookies does not mean you will no longer see advertisements from Virgin Media, only that the advertisements you see will no longer be based on your browser site visits.


Click here to opt-out.

Click here if you already have an opt-out cookie and that you want to experience Flashtalking Virgin Media relevant ads.


Please note: This opt out relies on a cookie, so if you delete your cookies on a browser we will no longer know that you have opted out.


Statistical Information

In line with every other internet business, Flashtalking systems will analyse web server activity logs. These logs contain information such as your browser type and version, operating system and the pages you requested to view. They can also be used to approximately determine the country you reside in. All of this information is completely impersonal and is aggregated to compile statistical reports for our clients about the reach of their campaigns.


Use of Flashtalking Website

Flashtalking clients and sites that run Flashtalking ads have access to Flashtalking’s website through a logon mechanism. The data is protected by passwords and each client is only able to see their own information. The only personal data our website databases record is information such as email address and phone numbers to enable Flashtalking personnel to contact the appropriate people.