Flashtalking and Neustar Partner to Fill the Void Created by Google’s Removal of the DoubleClick ID


Flashtalking, the leading global independent platform for ad management, data activation and unified insights and Neustar, Inc., a trusted, neutral provider of real-time information services with an identity management platform (OneID™) providing unified marketing and analytics solutions, including MMM, MTA, DMP and identity resolution, today announced a partnership to support data-driven advertisers and their agencies in the wake of Google’s recent announcement that it will restrict and ultimately eliminate the use of DoubleClick IDs. The partnership establishes an integrated approach to identity management and ad management, a vital collaboration at a time when cross-channel data-driven marketing is the norm, and there is a rising expectation for a unified view and integrated data capabilities.

“Our team at Flashtalking has maintained a foundational commitment to integrated and transparent data – and in times of disruption, this partnership is yet another reflection of that focus,” said Flashtalking CEO John Nardone. “The removal of DoubleClick IDs creates an immediate need for an open, ecosystem-friendly solution for marketers and their agencies. We are thrilled to partner with Neustar to advance the industry with an integrated solution for managing audience-based, data-driven campaigns.”

In April of this year, Google announced that user IDs and partner IDs would be removed from the reports and log files of its DoubleClick ad-serving platform, now being rebranded as Google Marketing Platform. This change went into effect in the E.U. in May and will be rolled out in the U.S. by the end of the year. The implications are significant, as this change directly impacts data linkage and alignment. Advertisers will now need to decide how much control and transparency they want from their media partnerships and whether to untether from the Google ecosystem entirely or work with other neutral measurement partners to provide an independent view across their media.

As a result, DoubleClick advertisers may encounter limitations as they use independent third parties for a number of critical functions, including:

  • Verification of user-level delivery, reach, and frequency

  • Analysis of cross-channel and cross-device engagement

  • Multi-touch attribution outside of Google’s own measurement tools

  • Measurement and optimization of ad creative, beyond click-through rates or last-touch KPIs

  • Attributing store visits and offline transactions to online media engagement

  • Analysis of user-level data to understand customer interests, behavior, and preferences

“We know how critical it is for advertisers to obtain an independent view of their data across channels for accurate measurement. As an industry we need to come together to provide viable alternatives to give advertisers the unified and accurate view they require to effectively optimize and refine their marketing tactics, otherwise we are just creating more friction for everyone,” said Steve Silvers, GM, IDMP, Neustar.

By joining forces, Flashtalking and Neustar enable advertisers to realize the promise of data-driven marketing, while maintaining flexibility, independence, and ownership of their data. Specific use cases include independent and interoperable:

  • Data-driven targeting and personalization

  • Unified identity and campaign activity across cookies and devices

  • Advanced analytics and optimization of audiences, media and creative

  • Coordinated integration for reduced workload and faster time-to-market