Meet Giorgia Costa, Client Services Director of Italy!


Flashtalking's proud to introduce Giorgia Costa, our newest teammate to support our further global expansion in Italy. Based in Milan, Giorgia brings over 15 years of experience in the ad tech industry supporting sales and operations teams. Before joining Flashtalking, Giorgia honed her skills for over a decade at Sizmek Italy, where she held the role of Team Leader on the Customer Success Team. Her passion for providing unparalleled support to her customers began when she launched her career at Eyeblaster as a Media and Creative Account Manager.

Giorgia joins a strong team of recent international hires, including Juan Garriga, Country Manager of Spain, and Eric-Alexis Fortier, Country Manager of France. These industry experts bring the proven ability to unite technology innovation and client strategy. We welcomed Giorgia with a Q&A session to learn more about her background and passions:

1. Why does ad tech interest you, and how did you get started?

Ad tech just happened to appear in my life. When I first came into the world of ad tech in 2006, I had no idea what a pixel was or how important data would become. But after such a long time in this field, I can confidently say, “there are no accidents.”

I first fell in love with HTML, then Flash—banners are not the same without it—then everything related to online advertising, discrepancies included.

2. What’s your favorite aspect of customer support and client relations?

I’m a natural-born optimist, and I always try to share a smile or a laugh even in the worst moments. I like seeing a human touch present in technical issues, as I think that a bit of personality helps to cement any cooperation’s success. It’s the key to make a difference.

3. Which industry trends do you follow most closely?

Data and verified data, in particular, have been keys to success for any given advertiser in the last few years. So, I always work at deepening my expertise in certified and reliable data.

4. What does the future hold for digital advertising in Italy?

DCO is a must-have for agencies and direct advertisers. It can be taken to the next level through video and any rich format that could be imagined and served.

The Italian market is also keeping an eye on DOOH. It has not yet exploded, but once more publishers’ vendors can track OTS (Opportunity To See) reliably, there will be space for growth.

5. If you could work on one other team at Flashtalking, which would it be and why?

Since I’m already involved in Ops, Sales, and Management at Flashtalking Italy, I’d love to also be part of the Marketing team. That way, I’d be involved sharing any breaking news across all of our markets (new or consolidated) and also help spread positive vibes within the company.


I started running four years ago. I once thought, “I will never run in my life, for any reason.” I signed up for my first 10K just six weeks after my first “20-minute” run. Step by step I challenged myself, and a week after my 40th birthday, I completed a half marathon! (Believe it or not, 21KM are very long!)