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Primary Ad Serving by Flashtalking

The role of today’s ad server has evolved.

As the platform that aggregates and unifies data to connect audiences, media and creative, the ad server has become the source of truth in the pursuit of verifying and measuring delivery and performance of media and creative.

Flashtalking is the leading independent global ad server for advertisers who value control of their own data and wish to separate media sales from delivery and measurement.

We’re leading the charge to offer open, integrated ad stacks that minimize friction between ad tech ecosystem partners while eliminating conflicts of interest. Flashtalking enables advertisers to realize the promise of data-driven messaging while maintaining flexibility, independence and ownership of their data.

  • People-based targeting to personalize creative
  • Fully integrations with your existing data and measurement partners
  • Privacy-friendly, user-level data on every impression
  • Unbiased, independent data measurement without media-buying conflicts
  • Dedicated client service team, training and help center

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