Creative analytics drive media efficiencies

Weight Watchers wanted to accurately measure performance of upper-funnel creative in order to optimize performance.

Recognizing that click-through rates and last-touch metrics are arbitrary at best, Weight Watchers partnered with Flashtalking to implement Creative Analytics—the industry’s first and only data-driven solution for measuring creative concepts and versions.

client testimonial

Measuring and optimizing digital media is becoming increasingly difficult. It requires a new approach to aggregating, cleansing, enhancing and organizing data, along with sound, validated models for analyzing the data. Most importantly, results must be presented in a way that are easy to understand and interpret with clear, actionable recommendations for reducing waste and optimizing both media and creative to make the most of our budget. That’s what we got from Flashtalking—our partner in success. We enabled FTrack cookie-less tracking and Tapad cross device insights and were able to see an additional 79% of conversions attached to digital media touch points.

— Assistant Digital Manager, Weight Watchers