Data Connection, Identity & Activation

As the platform that aggregates and unifies data to connect audiences, media, and creative, the ad server has become the source of truth in the pursuit of verifying and measuring delivery and performance of media and creative. Explore how the ad server has changed from a delivery and counting tool to a strategic platform blending data, connectivity, identity and activation.

  • Data as a foundational asset in the context of industry change

  • The New Ad Server: Data Connection, Identity and Activation

  • Inside Flashtalking’s new Campaign Management Platform



Insights from Adobe’s Marketing Team:
Making Ad Server Migration Easy

Sophisticated advertisers like Adobe rely on their ad server as the source of truth to verify and to measure delivery and performance of media and creative. Recent market developments—most notably Google's deprecation of the Google ID—have motivated global advertisers to migrate primary ad servers. While many of these advertisers recognize the strategic benefits of this move, there are common misconceptions about the level of effort required.

Flashtalking’s industry experts have refined the ad server migration process to ensure seamless campaign onboarding and to deliver unparalleled training programs to client teams. Hear first-hand from Adobe on why they invested in a switch to Flashtalking primary ad serving and the wins they’ve seen since migrating.

  • Key steps and considerations for a successful ad server migration

  • An inside look at Flashtalking’s full training curriculum to ramp up your team quickly

  • Insights from Adobe’s strategic decision to switch primary ad servers




While choosing an ad server may have been a tactical decision in the past for digital marketers, the decision has now become a very strategic one. As the platform that owns the last mile — connecting audiences, media, and creative — the ad server has become a source of truth to verify and measure the delivery and performance of media and creative. While Google Marketing’s integrated stack offers ease and convenience, it comes at the cost of data transparency, objectivity, and independence. The removal of the Google ID in Europe, soon to be followed in the US, illuminates the dilemma that has been looming for years: Should ease and convenience outweigh transparency and objectivity in this high-stakes game of digital disruption? That is the question each advertiser will have to answer — now sooner than later.

  • How Google’s decision to remove transparency will impact your advertising

  • Options for future-proofing your digital marketing strategy

  • What we can learn from European advertisers since Google removed IDs in 2018




To address the challenge of fragmented attention, marketers must address their customers with creative and relevant messaging across channels. Flashtalking and Labmatik as we discuss the evolving imperative for personalized advertising and how to activate data-driven messaging within your organization.

  • The business case for data-driven messaging

  • Mapping data-driven messaging to your customer experience journey

  • Strategies to activate data-driven messaging



Getting Creative with Data-Driven Frameworks

While data-driven messaging may seem daunting, the secret is to design feed-driven creative frameworks that scale across all creative permutations. Explore how to engage today’s distracted consumer through your brand’s data-driven content.

  • The new creative brief to personalize creative at scale

  • Introduction to data-driven creative frameworks

  • Creative best practices for real-time feeds



The new creative paradigm

How can we best structure our organizational processes to efficiently send relevant and effective messages to consumers? Data-driven creative is no longer a “nice to have.” Flashtalking and Deloitte explore how to prioritize relevant creative messaging strategies when planning your campaigns.

  • Changing the traditional order of creative strategy vs. media strategy

  • Addressing consumers based on their location and attention spans

  • Developing a message to save money and time



From Longshot to Lock:
Personalized Creative for Sports Betting & Gaming

Explore how to lower acquisition costs and enhance customer lifetime value through real-time, personalized creative and advanced analytics.

  • Applying creative personalization throughout the customer journey

  • Improving insights through better data unification and creative measurement

  • Live product demo of Flashtalking’s Power Feeds for Betting